Another Mars Videoconference with NASA Langley

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 4/17/2009 8:25:00 AM

DSC07631 On Thursday Mrs. Lambert’s class videoconferenced with Caryn Long from NASA Langley Research Center. The students learned about Mars by playing MARS BINGO. Mrs. Long described characteristics about Mars and compared it to Earth. The visuals in her presentation were amazing and really helped us learn! It was interesting to hear about the past and present Mars Missions. We watched a really cool video clip about the Phoenix Mars Lander. Then we made our own landers. The next day Mr. Morse’s class was scheduled to videoconference with NASA. There were technical problems, so we watched part of the IMAX movie Roving Mars. Check out these amazing videoclips and photos of the rovers Spirit and Opportunity! and then built landers. NASA Langley has rescheduled the videoconference with us for Thursday, May 28th at 10:30. To see photos of all three 4th grade classes, go to FLICKR

To see a videopodcast made by Barrett students about the Phoenix Mars Lander, go to Note that the videopodcast is part way down the page and titled EXPLORING MARS