Ancient Ship Building in Mrs. Quinzio’s Class

Posted by Allyson Greene at 3/23/2009 2:00:00 PM

In Project Discovery, Mrs. Quinzio’s 3rd graders have begun to use their engineering skills to design a model of an Ancient Greek or Roman ship. These ships are not ordinary! They have specific requirements, just like engineers do when they work. The ships must be no shorter than 6 inches, but no longer than 14 inches. They must have at least one simple machine and must look like they could have existed in the times of the ancient Greek and Roman cultures. The kicker…they must float in water for at least 5 minutes!!!

Students are busy working away..they started with a plan and are now working in teams to complete the challenge! Here are some pictures of the beginning process….visit our blog in a few weeks to see the end results!

zac boat

nell henry

garrett sam