A Very Special Place In Space

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 2/12/2009 5:15:00 PM

A Very Special Place In Space


To extend our study on space, our first graders are learningabout a very special place in space, the International Space Station. To get an understanding, we watched a shortmovie about the ISS and even watched some live footage of the astronautsworking on this enormous house way above the Earth. (You can also watch the astronauts workaboard the station by logging onto www.nasa.gov,or if you have the NASA channel at home on your television, you can see itthere!)

Once we learned some information, we then began to askourselves this question: If we coulddesign a space station for either our planet or another large body in space,what would it look like and what would it do? Then, with the use of teamwork, we began to make a plan for a modelspace station that we will create in the Discovery lab in the next few weeks. The pictures in this blog entry mark thebeginning of this process. Take a look and you will see our first gradersembark on creating their very own special place in space, using the EngineeringDesign Process.


A Very Special Place In SpaceA Very Special Place In SpaceA Very Special Place In SpaceA Very Special Place In Space