5th Graders Extract DNA from Strawberries!

Posted by Allyson Greene at 6/8/2010 11:00:00 AM

Over the past few days, 5th graders have been getting a live, up close look at DNA…of strawberries! Students worked with APS science specialist, Jennifer Powell, through a series of steps which extracted the DNA from strawberries.

Students worked hard breaking down the cell membranes of strawberry cells with the use of their hands, and a few other ingredients: rubbing alcohol, salt, and DAWN Dish Detergent. Once those membranes were broken, the DNA was able to be taken from the nucleus of the cells and the result was a clump of DNA! Each student then walked away with a personal momento…a necklace holding the DNA!

Mashing strawberry

Mashing up a strawberry…

Mashing is fun!

This is a lot of fun!

Getting a little help

Getting some help…


Great teamwork!

Carefully pouring

Carefully pouring….

Nice work!

Nice Work!

Carefully squishing the strawberries!

Carefully squishing the strawberries!

Getting some help

Getting some help…



A Very Mushed Up Berry!

A very mushed berry!

Using great teamwork

Using great teamwork…

Nice job!

Nice job!

Wow!  This is cool!

Wow! This is cool!

A very careful operation

A very careful operation…

Here comes the DNA

Here comes the DNA…

Using alcohol to seperate the DNA

Using alcohol to seperate the DNA…

A Very Proud Student!

A very proud student!

Lots of fun!

Lots of fun! Best wishes 5th graders! I will miss you!