5th Grade Explores the Rock Cycle and Volcanos

Posted by Allyson Greene at 12/7/2009 11:00:00 AM

Barrett School Wide Theme: Change

  • Change can happen slowly or quickly.
  • We can often predict a change, but sometimes a change is surprising.

Our fifth graders have been exploring this idea of change by learning about the rock cycle and volcanoes. Playing the rock cycle game, students ‘felt’ what it was like to change OR not to change from one type of rock to another type. When students made volcanoes erupt, they were surprised to see how different lava layers can inform scientists about the changes that occur within the Earth. Enjoy the pictures below of our amazing 5th graders learning about CHANGE on our planet. STEM STEM2 STEM3 STEM4 STEM5 STEM6 TEAMWORK