4th Grade Flag Now on the Sea Ice of Amundsen Sea

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 12/21/2008 7:00:00 PM

The Barrett “Discovering the Gifts of Every Child” flag that all the 4th graders signed is now on the sea ice in the Amundsen Sea of Antarctica. Check out this video of our flag flying in the brisk wind http://www.polartrec.org/node/7926 Check out the latest photos from NY teacher Jeff Peneston who is on the icebreaker Oden with our expedition flag:

3_IceCoreInHand 3_IceCoreInHand

2_Seal_Whiskers 2_Seal_Whiskers

1_Penguin_on_skiis 1_Penguin_on_skiis

5_Flying_to_work 5_Flying_to_work

1_AdelieGroup 1_AdelieGroup

3_Weigh_the_seal 3_Weigh_the_seal

6_Flags12_14 6_Flags12_14

Barrett PolarTREC flag Barrett PolarTREC flag

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