4 New Resources Added to Our Summer Learning

summer learning PBS


Today we’ve added four great resources from PBS LearningMedia to our Summer Learning resource page. Each of the following pages have hours and hours of things to do and while they do include videos, there are so many more that suggest things to do offline.

Summer Learning includes Travel & Culture, Arts and Craft ideas, and exploring your backyard or neighborhood.

Between The Lions is your place to go if you have an early reader. There are 475 videos supporting phonics, phonemic awareness and so much more that will assist your children hitting the ground (and books) running when school begins.

Summer of Reading has something for everyone PreK-Grade13+. Checkout this list Videos (80), Interactives (23), and Media Gallery (14). Kids can try out the Storybook Creator from Super WHY! or find a new way to play Rock Paper Scissors.

Camp PBS LearningMedia is a resource geared toward camp counselors, summer school staff, parks and recreation folks, but sometimes parents may feel like they are doing all three of those roles in the summer. So take a look through some of their collections that include Stargazing, Nature, and Summer Science.

Don’t forget! On all of the videos your children watch, TURN ON CLOSED CAPTIONS. Check back to our Summer Learning page as we keep adding more learning opportunities throughout the summer.