3-2-1 Pop!

Posted by Allyson Greene at 3/22/2011 8:00:00 AM


First graders have been learning about rockets and how they work. In doing so, we compared the take off and landing of the Apollo rockets and the Space Shuttle. We found that there are similarities and differences for each type of space vehicle when it comes to launch and landing. For example, students observed that both the Saturn rocket and the Shuttle use parachutes for landing, but the shuttle is more of an airplane when it lands back on Earth. For take off, both rockets use fuel; however, the actual flight is different. The fuel creates a reaction and from that an action occurs–lift off! This is Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion at work!

To simulate the take off of a rocket, students worked with small film canisters, water, alka seltzer tablets, and goggles to produce their own launch! The pictures below show students in action, learning about the physics of rocketry, while having a blast…no pun intended!

preparing launching

fun! Watch out!

Getting some help