2nd Graders Begin Migration Game Boards

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 1/29/2012

The lesson began with a review of two previous Project Discovery lessons; the Migration Movement Game in the hallway and Build-A-Bird App on the iPads. To help the students recall the previous lessons, they watched an Animoto video or used the Snowball review technique. Then students talked about Harmful and Helpful events in a bird’s migration. Working in groups of three, the students began designing Migration Game Boards. They will complete the boards and play their game in the next Discovery Lab session, as well as hear about all the activities taking place on February 23 from 6PM – 8PM…the ROCK THE REFUGE CELEBRATION AND SCIENCE DISCOVERY FAIR. DSC05119DSC05120DSC05142DSC05118DSC05147DSC05148DSC05117Animoto video review of previous lessons