2nd Grade Students’ Reptile Videopodcasts

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 11/22/2009 10:00:00 AM

DSC00503 Barrett Principal Mrs. Bratt talks with a student about his research on snakes. All the second grade classes have been learning about one kind of reptile, endangered (or threatened) sea turtles. Two of the students started doing research on their own at home and in the Barrett library about sea turtles. Soon we had a small group researching different kinds of reptiles. In the Discovery Lab the students viewed videopodcasts created by 4th graders as part of Barrett’s Toyota Tapestry $10,000 grant. Afterwards the students thought about how they could share their research through a videopodcast. DSC09984

DSC09804 DSC00079Mr. Delventhal, our ITC, interviewed the students for the THREE THINGS podcast show





DSC09798Viewing videopodcasts created by 4th graders to generate ideas DSC00085Research Group on Halloween DSC00485Checking out what images will be shown while using the green screen DSC00490Reptiles borrowed from Mrs. Sullivan’s sons Connor and Jackson DSC00495 DSC00498Project Interaction teacher Mrs. Shaw works her magic DSC00501Reading Teacher Mr. McLaughlin watches the show live DSC00508 DSC00500Mr. Delventhal, our ITC, talks to a student about his research