2nd Grade Sea Turtles

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 4/26/2012

DSC07634 Currently all species of sea turtles are listed as threatened or endangered. In the Discovery Lab we are learning about sea turtles through songs, a game, video clips, and books. In the game each student pretended to be a baby sea turtle. Using a Fortune Teller (see photos, blue or green papers students are holding), the student turtles encountered either positive or negative experiences. If the experience was negative, the student sat down to show that this turtle was no longer part of the population. In each round of the game, the student turtle population declined. We represented this information using a line graph. DSC07961DSC07965DSC08164DSC08165DSC08166 Check out this music video to help you visualize this multiple session lesson view it here. Click here to listen to the song. Click here for the National Geographic Kids Sea Turtle Video.