2nd Grade- Olivia’s Birds, Oil Spill, Sea Turtles

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 10/28/2010 2:40:00 PM

Several of the students asked if I would post links that were a part of the Discovery Lab lesson this week.

Olivia’s Birds – Video telling Olivia’s Story (video embedded below, also access on YouTube)

Olivia’s Birds – Purchase a -shirt or other items – Profits go toward Gulf recovery efforts

ABC News – Cleaning oil off a pelican video

Endangered Sea Turtle Nest video

Be a Friend for Change like Olivia

Disney Friends for Change Song SEND IT ON…

Send It on, On and On Just one hand can heal another,

Be apart, reach a heart, Just one spark starts a fire!

With one little action the chain reaction will never stop!

Make it strong, Shine a light and send it on!

Listen and watch the music video SEND IT ON on YouTube

PHOTOS of the lesson in the Discovery Lab.