2nd Grade Migration Game and Build-A-Bird on iPads

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 12/15/2011

iPad Build a Bird App 1 The second grade students either participated in the Migration Game or the Build-A-Bird app on the iPads. The students will have an opportunity to complete each activity when they visit the Discovery Lab in January. Below is an overview of the lesson this week. DSC04208 The lesson began with a review from the last visit to the Discovery Lab. Some students shared an idea they had come up with for making a difference in our community. We will be meeting at lunch next week to develop the idea. iPad Build a Bird App 2 Half of the students stayed in the Discovery Lab with their classroom teacher and ITC Mr. Delventhal. They worked with the iPads using the Build-A-Bird app. DSC04297 For the Migration Game, students chose to be a specific type of bird. Then they rolled the die to determine the station where to begin their migration. DSC04287 These students started at Station 3. Unfortunately they landed in a polluted wetland and got sick. This slowed their migration. DSC04289 Two sick birds DSC04217 Some students ended up at the Bird Banding Station. DSC04216 Birds at the banding station DSC04229 This bird landed in a wonderful habitat DSC04222 Student birds along the migration route DSC04228 Read the sign to find out what happened to these two birds DSC04219 These birds completed a successful migration DSC04226 Another successful migration DSC04298 Students shared what helped or hindered them on the migration DSC04299Student sharing and adding to the two categories on our migration chart “Helpful” or “Harmful” DSC04301 A student bird took this photo of Dr. Sullivan writing on the Migration chart. DSC04302 Migration Chart (Sorry about the sloppy writing…we were running out of time) DSC04232 Migration Chart by another class DSC04286 Migration Chart by another group of students