1st Place and Students to Kennedy Space Center

Posted by Laurie Sullivan at 3/14/2011 3:00:00 PM

DSC09333 Link to this blog post: http://tinyurl.com/BarrettSportsInSpaceMarch2011 Update for March 30, 2011:

News Flash from Barrett’s Project Discovery…

Barrett’s NASA Save The Earth team has won first prize in the Spaced Out Sports Challenge Contest! NASA contacted Mrs. Greene, Mrs. Cohen, Dr. Sullivan, and Mrs. Bratt that they had some great news–which was out of 57 entries nationwide, Barrett had taken 1st place in the contest! This was the result of a huge team effort by all of the fifth grade teachers, along with Ms. Shaw’s wonderful filming and editing talents! The kids worked very hard to design a fun, yet challenging sports based game for astronauts aboard the International Space Station to play on an upcoming mission!

For taking first place the student’s game will be played by the astronauts and our students will be able to communicate with the astronauts about their game plan! Also, our entire school will receive a NASA Celebration Day–details are coming soon on this!

Save the Earth winning picture

Dr. Mark Johnston, Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Mrs. Bratt, principal, and assistant principal Mrs. Smingler were here in the Discovery lab to help celebrate the wonderful news!

About the Sports in Space Challenge

“Spaced Out Sports” is a national student design challenge geared toward grades 5-8. The purpose is for students to apply Newton’s Laws of Motion by designing or redesigning a game for International Space Station (ISS) astronauts to play in space. As students design a new sport, they will learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion and the effect of gravity on an object. They will learn to predict the difference between a game or activity played on Earth and in the microgravity environment of the ISS.

Read about the Sports in Space Challenge at http://education.ssc.nasa.gov/spacedoutsports.asp

March 14, 2011 post:

Project Discovery is thrilled to announce that we have been selected to attend a NASA Explorer School conference at Kennedy Space Center in Florida! This was due to our outstanding work on an engineering design challenge based on Newton’s Laws of Motion. A group of 5th graders worked with Renee Shaw, Wendy Cohen, and Allyson Greene to develop a sports-based game for astronauts aboard the International Space Station to play. Students participated in a virtual symposium where they presented their work via videoconference. As a result, we were awarded with an invitation for two students and one teacher to attend the national NES Student Symposium at the Kennedy Space Center! N.C. and H.T will represent Barrett at KSC in May!

Click here to view of a video on YouTube of the Barrett students demonstrating their game.

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The Barrett SPORTS IN SPACE CHALLENGE team presented their design via videoconferencing to NASA personnel at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. They also shared with middle school students at the Island City Research Academy in Wisconsin and Northeast Nodaway in Missouri. The photos below were taken during the rehearsal and during the actual event. This project was a success due to the support of the 5th grade teachers, RTG Wendy Cohen, Project Discovery Teacher Allyson Greene and the NASA Explorer School Program.











All photos from this event may be viewed and printed from FLICKR. This event has two albums:

Click here for REHEARSAL and closeups of DVD showing the game play in action.

Click here for the PRESENTATION to NASA