1st Grade Learns about Careers and Animals….

Posted by Allyson Greene at 11/10/2010 9:00:00 AM

Careers with Animals and Nature


Mr. Matt, from Long Branch Nature Center, talks to students about his career.

First graders learned more about animals and animal coverings during their visit to the Discovery lab. Mr. Matt brought various kinds of animal coverings, including a real, live snake! The Black Rat Snake is the largest snake that lives in Arlington. It is not a venomous snake, but its name comes from its color–black and its favorite food to eat–rats!

hands up



Mr. Matt discussing animal coverings and owls…


Mr. Matt discussing reptiles…check this bag out!




The Black Rat Snake!!!


Students petting the snake!

getting ready to pet

Getting ready to pet the snake…2 fingers was the way to do it!

petting snake

Wow! This was pretty cool!

petting snake

A first grader pets the Black Rat Snake!


Mr. Matt handling the snake..it climbed up and rested around his neck!

Yikes! Yikes! Do I really want to pet this? We loved this picture!