Zozan Siso



I was born and raised in the Kurdistan, where I lived until the summer of 1990. Having made the decision to move to United States, much to the chagrin of my parents, I moved to the US and settled in Fairfax County Virginia. I attended Luther Jackson Middle school, and graduated from Oakton high school, majored in Medical Assistant, and graduated Stratford University. Living in the United States has provided me with opportunities to grow and develop, both in my personal and professional life.

My family comes from Kurdistan, a nation (part of Iraq), which had been subject to the terrors of Saddam Hussein for literally decades. The annuls of Hussein’s treatment of the Kurds is well known – it’s simply enough to say that the countless thousands of my people were destroyed in this regime. My father was General in the Kurdish army, and he was a personal witness to countless tragedies and abuses. It was the abuse of Hussein which saw my father become a political refugee, and flee the country with us (his family). Like any another family, we simply wanted the ability to have happiness and live our lives.

Of course, leaving Kurdistan was not easy, but my father was able to take us to Turkey, a nation just north of Kurdistan, and one where we would enjoy more freedom and opportunity. Long-term, of course, coming to the U.S. was our goal, but it took three hard years in Turkey before we were able to come here.

Once here, we struggled to succeed. Still, having come from such tremendous adversity, we knew that all we had to do was to work hard and persevere. Taking this philosophy to heart, I have worked very in order to succeed. I have worked diligently in school, and this work ethic has paid off. I did very well in high school. I have also taken the time to work within the community, volunteering for the Fairfax County Teen Services. Here, I have able to work with teens, and help them go through the kinds of problems and issues which all teens face. I have also served as a soccer coach for this organization.

As a child growing up in the US, I was fortunate to attend a well-regarded, school from kindergarten through high school. The private, school professed a strong educational andethical philosophy that has remained with me throughout my life. It is this foundation, along with the continued support of my family, and educators, and friends that has allowed me to embrace my dream of teaching children.

The year 2010 was the best of my life. In this, my graduation year, I successfully completed my Medical Assistant teaching practicum and met the man that I would later marry. In 2008, Haroun and I married in the US, with full attendance by family and friends; it was one of most important events in my life. A short time later, in October 2004, I took on another important role in my life, that of mother. The birth of my son, Araz, was a turning point in my life, and I made the conscious decision that it was in the best interest that I become a stay-at-home mother before embarking on my teaching career. Because I had a child of my own to nurture and care for, I become more aware of children who do not have the support and nurturing they need to realize their full potential. This created in me great concern about children and lit the flame of desire to return to my teaching career path. I am now entering the teaching area with a renewed idea of what I would like to achieve as an educator.

In 2017 I currently become employee of Arlington Public Schools as a substitute teacher. Within the past year, I have worked at Hoffman-Boston as long-term for MIPA,Carlin Springs as long-term for kindergarten, and short-term at Abington, Bancroft, andArlington Traditional. Summer School, Campbell Elementary as long-term, PBL-Classroom Assistant teacher 1st graded. Summer School, Bancroft Elementary-SocialStudies 3rd graded –Elementary Classroom Teacher. Provide instructional support to ensure adequate coverage within the schools.My duties include to provided multifaceted teacher and classroom support; and assisted special-needs students with classroom learning, task execution and language expansion.

In 2018 I got an offered letter from Barrett Elementary School in Education Program for Students with Autism (MIPA) Assistant. My duties, are included Assist individual or group of students with classroom activities under teacher guidance and direction. Assist with classroom behavior management plans under guidance and direction of teacher.Assist students with physical and social language experience  teaching diverse populations.But. To me, facing adversity and challenge is part of life, andI am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends, as well as the many opportunities which school has provided me. Coming from a troubled land Kurdistan . I appreciate this country, what it offers, and what it allows me as a citizens to accomplish. Only someone from my background can truly appreciate America, and I appreciate it to the fullest.