John Alan Perry

I am a good ol’ Southern boy from eastern North Carolina. My first degree was in Funeral Service Education, and I spent the first 8+ years of my professional career as a licensed embalmer. I worked in funeral homes all over North Carolina (& spent 3 1/2 years actually living in the back of a funeral home), before going back to college for a second time. I spent 8 years as a teacher assistant before earning my degree in Elementary Education from East Carolina University. Afterward, I worked 5 years as a third grade classroom teacher before my (then girlfriend, now) wife & I moved to Alexandria, Virginia, in 2014. I worked 4 years as a third grade classroom teacher at Carlin Springs Elementary, before accepting a fifth grade classroom position at Barrett Elementary in 2018.

In my personal time, I practice the beautiful art of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. I am a brown belt, and have dedicated my life to living by the “753 Code”, which also appears on my classroom door. This code consists of 7 moral attributes, 5 ways of daily living and 3 states of mind. Hence, GJJ is not simply a martial art, but a way of life; a constant practice to be a better person. Additionally, I also enjoy writing, reading and spending time with my wonderfully patient wife, Sara. I am a diehard North Carolina State fan. Go Pack!



Published December 31, 69 5:00PM

Published December 31, 69 5:00PM


  • Reading - Grade 5
  • Science - Grade 5
  • Social Studies - Grade 5
  • Language Arts - Grade 5
  • Homeroom - Grade 5
  • Mathematics - Grade 5