Jake Ramsay


Mr. Ramsay has been teaching Pre-Kindergarten through the Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI) for several years. He earned a Master of Education at George Mason University after earning his Bachelors in Elementary Education from the University of Maine.  Mr. Ramsay’s enthusiasm for Pre-K stems from the opportunity it presents.  In his own words, “Pre-K is the first and greatest chance to set children off on the best possible developmental trajectory.  Successive teachers can only work from the foundation that Pre-K teachers set.”  Mr. Ramsay sees schools and their staff as essential community elements and believes public servants need to live where they work, long enough to better understand those they serve.  He lived in Arlington for over 20 years.

Mr. Ramsay’s Canvas Class


  • Social Studies - Pre-Kindergarten
  • Homeroom - Pre-Kindergarten
  • Language Arts - Pre-Kindergarten
  • Mathematics - Pre-Kindergarten
  • Science - Pre-Kindergarten
  • Reading - Pre-Kindergarten