Jake Ramsay


Mr. Ramsay has been teaching Pre-Kindergarten through the Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI) for several years. He graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelors in Elementary Education and is pursuing his Master of Education at George Mason University.  Mr. Ramsay’s enthusiasm for Pre-K stems from the opportunity it presents.  In his own words, “Pre-K is the first and greatest chance to set children off on the best possible trajectory throughout their learning careers.  Successive teachers can only work from the foundation that Pre-K teachers set.”  Mr. Ramsay sees schools and their staff as community builders and believes strongly in living where he works.  He has lived in Arlington since 2000.


  • Homeroom - Pre-Kindergarten
  • Language Arts - Pre-Kindergart
  • Reading - Pre-Kindergarten
  • Mathematics - Pre-Kindergarten
  • Social Studies - Pre-Kindergar