Carlisle Maestri, Kate

Kate C.M.Hi! I’m Kate Carlisle Maestri (but just Maestri or Carlisle is ok!). I am so excited to be the Resource Teacher for the Gifted at Barrett.

I grew up around here (in Prince William County), moved around the world, and ultimately came back home. I was a TV producer for several years before I followed my heart and got a Masters in Teaching in 2007. I taught high school (social studies) for the first couple of years, and then I became a gifted teacher in 2010, working with kids from Kindergarten to 12th grade. I got an Educational Specialist degree (EdS) from the University of Georgia in Educational Psychology of Gifted and Creative learners in 2011. I have been teaching gifted ever since: first in Georgia, then in Fairfax County, and now at Barrett.

My husband and I have 6 kids and 7 pets all together! I like to sew, paint, fix cars, renovate my house (I always have a project!), play soccer and video games, and hang out with my family.



  • Mathematics - Grade 4
  • Homeroom - Grade 4
  • Language Arts - Grade 4
  • Social Studies - Grade 4
  • Reading - Grade 4
  • Science - Grade 4