Amanda Loayza

My name is Amanda Loayza and I was born on the 30th of January, 1991 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. My parents are Aida Vela and Marcelino Loayza. My siblings are Daisy, Neiza, Grover, Jhaquelin, and Oliver. My whole family is here in the United States. My Father migrated first to the United States in 1999, then my mother came in 2003. My siblings and I came to the United States later in 2005.

My childhood was a tipical middle class environmental life. I lived in a little town called Cliza located approximately 20 miles from the State of Cochabamba, Bolivia. In Bolivia, my father use to own a company of transportation where he would travel from state to state because of his job and my Mother was a fruit merchant and would sell fruits in the city or in my town. I had a happy normal childhood around my siblings and family members. My Father had to come to the United States after a couple accidents that accrued with his company which lead him and the family to have financial problems. After my father came to the United States my Mother took the same decision of migrating to the United States. After my parents came, my siblings and I stayed in Bolivia with my grandmother. A year after, my grandmother got sick and that is when we ( my siblings and I) took the decision of coming to the United States to be with our parents. My older sisters Neiza and Daisy came 1 year before me and my youngest siblings, a month later, my younger brother Grover came by himself.

The transition of coming to the USA was very hard and dramatic for me. I came with my 2 youngest siblings, when I was only 14 years old. By that time, my sister Jhaquelin  was 10 years old and my brother Oliver was just 6 years old. We walked all across Central America, starting from Costa Rica to the United States. We went through mountains, river, and forests. Having fear with every gunshots and hiding in the middle of no where for days and nights until finally, we did it, we got to the United States. until finally we saw our parents. So this is how my siblings and I ended up in United States after our terrifying journey.

Starting a life where I did not know the language or the culture was very hard for me. When I got to the USA, I started School at 9th grade at Washington-Lee High School here in Arlington,Virginia. It was very difficult for me, that I repeated 2 years in 10th grade, but I felt so great-full after I accomplished my dreams of graduating from High School in 2012. Soon after a year, I started to work for ArlingtonPublic Schools. I started as a Extended Day child care Aide teacher and 2 years later I got a position as a Teacher assistant at Barrett Elementary School. And here I am still working as a teacher assistant at Barrett Elementary School in Arlington  Virginia, United States.