Online Verification Begins August 26 – Check Your ParentVUE Account Now!

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Arlington Public Schools (APS) is preparing for the transition from the printed First Day Packet to a new online process for verifying and updating student information at the start of the 2019-20 school year. The previously printed packet that all parents were asked to complete at the start of the year is being replaced with a new Annual Online Verification Process (AOVP) to ensure the accuracy of vital student information, including emergency contacts.The new process begins soon and extends through October 31. Below are key reminders and dates of importance:

  • Make sure you have an active ParentVUE account: This process requires that all families have an active ParentVUE account so they will be able to easily complete the process online at the beginning of the school year. Families with inactive accounts should have received an activation key from their child’s school at the end of last school year. Families should follow the instructions on the activation key to activate their ParentVUE account.
  • Confirm all of your students are listed in ParentVue: Once logged in, please confirm that all of your currently enrolled APS children are listed. If any of your children are not listed, please contact your child’s school Immediately.
  • Complete the process once it begins for your school: A notification will be sent to families to remind them when they are able to log in and complete AOVP. It should be a quick and easy process for families who have taken the steps to activate their ParentVUE accounts. The following are important AOVP dates:
  • July 31: AOVP process begins for Barcroft families
  • Aug. 26: AOVP process begins for all families
  • Oct. 31: AOVP process closes for all families

Don’t Delay! Verify Your Information and Complete Key Forms Right Away: While families have until Oct. 31 to update their information through AOVP, we are requesting families update their information as soon as possible to ensure it is current in the student information system. Families will also be able to submit their application online for Free and Reduced Meals through this new process.Why Change? APS is transitioning to this new process in order to:

  • Ensure the accuracy of vitalstudent information, including emergency contacts;
  • Streamline the way families verify their student’s information;
  • Decrease the amount of time families spend completing the paper forms; and
  • Help the environment by eliminating wasted paper.

Contacts: For additional information or questions about this process or to request an activation code, please contact your child’s school.