November 2017

Dear Families –

Vamos a traducer en español despues de ingles.

The first quarter has ended, and students are well into their second quarter learning.

At Barrett we are working on instilling a “Growth Mindset” in our entire community.  Growth mindset deals with the belief that mistakes are for learning and we grow when we reflect on errors to learn something new.  It comes from trial and error, and perseverance.  As part of this work, a staff team has worked to reframe the Honor Roll in terms of a Growth Mindset.  As a result we will not be doing the honor roll board in the front hallway as we have done in the past.

Ms. Kingsley and I filmed a short video that teachers in grades 3-5 will be showing in their homerooms, and asked students to reflect on one source of pride over the last quarter, and one goal they will focus on for second quarter.  The intent here is to point out that even students who make straight-As have areas in which they can grow academically (challenge themselves to read more, learn something new, take on a challenge project, etc), and students who may not have made a traditional honor roll can still celebrate growth in specific areas as well as set goals to continue improving.

We hope that you will reinforce these messages and celebrate your students’ successes so far this year!Barrett staff continue to implement elements of the Responsive Classroom approach to climate and community-building in class.  Every classroom has a daily morning meeting that features greetings, a share, an activity, and a message.  The process allows every student to be the center of attention and be celebrated by peers, as well as well as establish routines and build connections and highlight commonalities.  We have also now held our first School-wide Morning Meetings (separated into a PK-2 and a 3-5 session), building relationships across grades.  Ask your students how they feel about morning meeting and what they’ve been able to share.

We are thankful for your ongoing support, and the strong sense of community you contribute to at Barrett.  As we move into second quarter, we continue to focus on implementing a strong workshop approach in reading, writing, and math instruction, in order to meet individual student needs on a daily basis and move students forward in their learning.  The workshop approach pairs well with the growth mindset – students continue to set goals and work on specific strategies to reach those goals.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season full of plenty of great time with your families!


Dan Redding