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During Winter Break we are revisiting some of our favorite posts about resources for you and your family. Some of the dates may have changed for some of the resources so follow the links to see updated information.

One of our favorite apps for families this past year is Novel Effect. It is a free download and you probably have some of the books used by the app already in your home. Parents and children love reading aloud and having a music soundtrack as well as sound effects follow their voice. They have constantly been updating their library and now include Spanish language books. They also offer free ebooks that you can read aloud to music and sound effects.

book titles on Novel Effect app


The owl hooted.

The door creaked open.

The snow crunched as we walked.

There can be times that you wish a book helped you with sound effects or a bedtime story came with a soothing soundtrack to set the mood for falling asleep. This is what the app Novel Effect does.

Download the iOS or Android app. Look through their growing library of titles for a book you have at home or download one of their free ebooks. As the book is read out loud, Novel Effect matches music and sounds to go with the story. It’s a magical experience and it will renew interest in books you probably already have, but haven’t read in long time.

Bonus experience – ask your child to read the book to you and watch their eyes light up as the app plays sounds as they read aloud.

Here is a preview for the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

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