Keep on Learning During Winter Break #2

S.T.E.A.M. Night is March 21 and while that sounds like a long time from now, it will be here before we know it. If you want to do a project that takes time, you need to plan for it now. Science Projects that involve growing crystals or growing plants will take a while. So we are here with another resource of possible projects to help you decide and plan ahead. has a large listing for you to browse through for ideas. Their science project ideas are free for unlimited use.

Tip: Use the filter settings on the left side to limit the results to a grade level and sub-topic in science.

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Please note: Science Fair Projects contain experiments and demonstrations. Demonstrations show a mastery of following instructions such as a recipe for slime or putting a mento candy into a diet soda. We would like Barrett students to go one step further into the experimental process and ask “I wonder what would happen if…?”

Take for example, a step by step recipe for slime. You measure everything out and mix it together and get slime. A Barrett student should ask and find out “what would happen if I replaced the water with seltzer water in this recipe?” How would changing something in the instructions affect the outcome?

If you know what the outcome is going to be before starting, it’s a demonstration. We want to see questioning and experiments done in a safe manner.