In Case of Emergency…

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At the beginning of the year we ask parents and caregivers to review the information we have for each student. This includes emergency contact information. Please use ParentVUE to check that we have who to contact if there is an emergency during the school day.


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As a reminder, the final deadline to complete the Annual Online Verification Process (AOVP) is Thursday, Oct. 31, 2019. AOVP replaced the First Day Packet families used to receive at the beginning of the school year in paper and allows families to easily review and update the information we already have in our system for each student.

Families are quickly able to verify information for multiple students through AOVP, even if they attend different schools. However, only one parent or guardian per family needs to complete this process. After the deadline, families will still be able to update their information by logging into ParentVUE and making updates under the “My Account” section.

How to Complete the Process

In order to complete your AOVP, you will need an active ParentVUE account, the online tool most of our families are already familiar with and use regularly to track information regarding their student. If you do not have an active ParentVUE account, please contact the front office at your child’s school to request a ParentVUE activation key. Once you have your ParentVUE activation key, you will be able to access ParentVUE to complete your AOVP.

When logging into ParentVUE, you should select the “Online Verification” option in the upper, right-hand corner of the ParentVUE home screen to begin completing your AOVP. There are videos in both English and Spanish on the AOVP webpage that instruct families on how to complete your AOVP and explain each step of the process.

The recommended device to complete AOVP is a desktop computer, laptop or tablet; however, it can be completed using a cell phone. If using a mobile device, this process must be completed using the mobile device’s web browser and cannot be completed using the ParentVUE app.

When you are ready to complete your AOVP, please access ParentVUE by visiting the following link:

For additional information or questions about AOVP, please contact your child’s school.​​​​​​​