Month: October 2020

Troubleshooting Apps and Websites that Won’t Open

This is a possible solution to fix it when apps and websites give an error message or just load a white screen. This and other tutorials are available on the Barrett Tech Help Center. Sometimes apps and websites will fail to login. It might be caused by having duplicate tabs open in Safari. This will […]

Students must agree to follow the Acceptable Use Policy

Every year students in Virginia must agree to follow their school district Acceptable Use Policy. Here’s an interactive tutorial 15 STEPS 1. The first step is to tap MyAccess. 2. Type your student number, also known as your lunch number in the username box. 3. Type your Arlington Public Schools password in the password box. […]

Los estudiantes deben estar de acuerdo en seguir la Política de Uso Aceptable

  Cada año, los estudiantes de Virginia deben comprometerse a seguir la Política de Uso Aceptable de su distrito escolar. Here’s an interactive tutorial 15 STEPS 1. El primer paso es presionar en la aplicación de MyAccess. 2. Escriba su número de estudiante, también conocido como su número de almuerzo en el cuadro de […]