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  • Posted by Fred Delventhal at 12/1/2015 4:10:00 PM

    Out of the Mountain of DespairA Stone of Hope



    Deadline Extended
    The deadline has been extended and entries are now
    due by 5 p.m. on Fri, Dec. 11.

    Using the following quote from Dr. King, describe in writing or through visual art how someone or something in your personal history helped to define and shape who you are and what you believe today.
    “We are not makers of history.  We are made by history.”


    For the entry form and to see all the different ways you can enter click here.

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  • Posted by Fred Delventhal at 4/14/2015

    Tomorrow is Crazy Hair Day!

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  • Posted by Fred Delventhal at 3/13/2015

    Barrett Elementary was well represented by four teams this year at the northern VA Odyssey of the Mind competition. Shout out to the 4th grade girls’ team for a second place showing!
    Barrett Odyssey of the Mind 2015
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  • Posted by Fred Delventhal at 2/5/2015 10:00:00 AM

    Enter daily and you might help Barrett win 1,000 BoxTops for Education!

    News and Events

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  • Posted by Dan Redding at 2/2/2015
    See it all here
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  • Posted by Fred Delventhal at 12/22/2014

    During the week of December 8-14, 2014 students in the Barrett Extended Day program participated in the Hour of Code before and after school. We had students at every grade level Kindergarten thru 5th enrolled in leveled classes learning to program bees gathering nectar to make honey as well as angry birds defending against those bad green pigs.

    Students learned programming skills for approximately 20 before and after school. They were assisted by Barrett’s Tech Patrol. Altogether the students compiled over 2,000 lines of code.

    Students that participated were so enthusiastic the decision has been made to continue with the lessons every Monday after school.

    You can try some of the lessons by visiting


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  • Posted by Fred Delventhal at 12/3/2014

    Yes! 1,000 Box Tops is what you can help our school win if you enter every day in the Hanes Holiday Sweepstakes.
    Hanes is giving 50 schools 1,000 Box Tops.
    Bookmark this entry form and enter every day from now until 12/25/2014.  The form asks for Barrett’s School Code. To save you time here it is.

    School code – 385105
     Hane Box Tops

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  • Posted by Fred Delventhal at 10/31/2014

    Here is a brief video with moments from our Heritage Festival.

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  • Posted by Fred Delventhal at 6/17/2014

    Our PTA Silent Auction this year brought a guest photographer to Reading Fun Day. Thanks to A. Munoz Photography for the great pictures and letting us keep all of the memories of of this special day.

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  • Posted by Fred Delventhal at 3/31/2014

    News and Events

    April Spotlight Preview: Money Matters
    Our Money Matters Spotlight has a breadth of topics to support you this Financial Literacy Month. From Budgets, Credit Cards, and the Stock Market to Debt, Interest, and Taxes, you’ll find all the timely resources you need to boost your lessons. BrainPOP Jr.‘s Spotlight offerings include Counting Coins, Dollars and Cents, Needs and Wants, Saving and Spending, and more. Check out the related lesson plans and challenge the class to a game of Budget Hero (American Public Media/The Wilson Center).

    News and Events

    April Spotlight Preview: Earth Awareness
    Show your love for the planet with our Earth Awareness Spotlight, covering a range of topics including Air Pollution, Global Warming, Hybrid Cars, Recycling, and Wind Energy. K-3 topics span Arctic Habitats, Desert, Earth, Natural Resources, Extinct and Endangered Species, and more. Work our Earth Awareness lesson plans into your day, as well as a game or two ofLandform Detectives (The JASON Project). ESL/ELL teachers, we’ve got content for you too. BrainPOP ESL’s We Must Clean Up (Level 2/Unit 6/Lesson 4) is a recycling-themed movie that also reviews modals.

    News and Events

    New Content & Timely Tie-Ins
    Go to the Movies!
    New on BrainPOP
    Multiplication Blocks (GameUp/Fluency Games)
    Prisoner of Echo (GameUp/Filament Games)
    Sortify (GameUp/BrainPOP)
    Space Force (GameUp/Intific)
    New on BrainPOP Jr.
    Forces of Flight (GameUp/Children’s Museum Indianapolis)
    Curriculum Connections
    Highlights from our Curriculum Calendar appear below. For additional tie-ins, visit the Curriculum Calendar online, follow us on Twitter, and “Like” us on Facebook.
    April 2: On World Autism Day, help kids understand the neurological condition.
    April 4: Find out why the caged bird sings: it’s Maya Angelou‘s birthday.
    April 13: Introduce the class to Thomas Jefferson; the Founding Father was born on this date in 1743.
    April 15: Explain the long line at the post office: our Taxes movie can help.
    April 18: Shake things up on the anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.
    April 19: The “shot heard ’round the world” was fired on this date in 1775. Learn more about the American Revolution.
    April 22: Treat your planet well: our Humans and the Environment movie is the perfect resource for Earth Day.
    May 5: Feel the beat! Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with our Latin Music movie.
    May 6: It’s World Asthma Day. Talk to the class about the disease.

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