Meet our School Behavior Specialist

Behavior Specialist

Atari Griffin | Behavior Specialist |

What do Behavior Specialists do?

Tailored Behavioral Interventions: Behavior Specialists play a crucial role in providing interventions that are individually designed for each student. These interventions aim to increase responsible behavior and reduce negative behavior, this includes one-on-one interventions. The goal is to address and modify behavior patterns to create a more positive learning environment for students.

Collaborative Communication: Behavior Specialists actively engage in communication with various stakeholders, including the student’s parents, other district employees, and school personnel. They work to build and implement a robust support system for the student. Effective communication is key to understanding the student’s needs and ensuring that interventions are coordinated and aligned with the broader educational support structure.

Data Documentation and Analysis: One of the fundamental responsibilities of Behavior Specialists is to document, maintain, analyze, and discuss data related to the student’s behavior and the impact of interventions. This data-driven approach helps in tracking progress, making informed decisions, and adjusting interventions as needed. Regular discussions with students, parents, and other team members are vital to assess the effectiveness of interventions.

Development of Safe and Effective Educational Environments: Behavior Specialists assist in developing interventions, functional behavior assessments, and behavior plans with the primary goal of creating a safe and effective educational environment for students with challenging behaviors. These plans are designed to address the specific needs of individual students, ensuring that they have the support and strategies required to succeed in their educational journey.

Social Skills Instruction: Collaborating with classroom teachers and the Barrett mental health team, Behavior Specialists provide social skills instruction to students. This instruction is based on research-based evidence and is tailored to address the social and behavioral needs of students. Teaching essential social skills is crucial for their overall development and success in the school setting.

Program Enhancement and Compliance: Behavior Specialists also assist in developing procedures and training materials for staff who work with students exhibiting challenging behaviors. This training aims to enhance the programs available for students and ensures that program operations are in compliance with established guidelines. By providing guidance and support to staff, Behavior Specialists contribute to a more effective and structured approach to managing challenging behaviors in the school environment.

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