The school counseling program offers many services for Barrett students including classroom lessons, small group counseling and individual counseling. Additionally, counselors collaborate with teacher, parents and outside providers to ensure that students receive the best support and care at school. More detailed information on services is located below.   

Classroom Lessons:

All students PreK-5th receive monthly lessons on the following topics

  • Skills for Learning
  • Empathy
  • Emotion Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Mindfulness
  • Career Exploration
  • Bullying Prevention


Small Groups

Students who need support on a smaller scale can be referred for lunch or Tiger Time groups. Groups run once a week 8-10 weeks. Below are typical group topics

  • Social Skills Groups
    • K-3rd (making friends, sharing, turn-taking, empathy, including others)
    • 4th/5th (cultivating healthy friendships, relational aggression, problem-solving)
  • Academic Groups (organization, focus, executive functioning, growth mindset)
  • Impulse Control Groups (mindfulness)
  • Changing Families Groups (parental separation)
  • Grief Groups (loss of loved ones)
  • Newcomer Groups (students new to the United States)
  • New Student Groups (students new to Barrett)

Individual Counseling:

School counselors can provide short term individual counseling for students as needed. Students are often referred for issues such as school motivation, anxiety, parental separation, caretaker illness or loss of loved one. Counselors will also give parents outside referral information for students who need more intensive counseling or support