Resources for Families


Resources to Support Conversations about Violence

It is with heavy hearts that we offer these resources to support families about the recent violent tradegies.  Please reach out to anyone on our mental health team if any additional support.

Resources for Families


  • If you are a PARENT of a trans teen or young adult, you will likely need more than Trans 101 to feel equipped to support your child. We strongly recommend the 4-week Parent Education Series which will be more in-depth than the Trans 101. This series runs for 4 consecutive Thursday evenings each month. The next series will start on March 10. Click the link above or send your email address to and indicate your interest in the Parent Education series.

Resources to Support Children’s Mental Health

child's mental health

Kids’ Podcasts that Support SEL


  • Zones of Regulation – A resource to help identify different emotions based on different levels of alertness.
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