School Counseling Program

Barrett’s School Counseling Programs Beliefs:

  • At the heart of Barrett’s school counseling program is the belief that a sense of ‘belonging’ to the Barrett family is vital for student growth and success. The school counseling program supports students’ in feeling safe, cared for and connected to their school staff and peers.
  • Students’ reach their full potential when they have access to a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses academic, career and social-emotional growth. The school counselor is an advocate for addressing ‘whole-child’ needs by sharing knowledge specific to mental health, education and family systems with all stakeholders.
  • Every student brings with them a unique set of qualities, abilities and experiences that are to be embraced, shared and respected by the school and local community. Regardless of race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, circumstances, background or learning needs, every student has the potential to reach the highest of academic successes when provided the opportunity
  • The highest level of learning occurs when themes are represented through all areas of learning.The school counseling program works collaboratively with school staff to create interdisciplinary learning, where both counselor and teacher can reinforce the overarching concepts and ideas
  • In order to provide relevant services, data is used to assess the current needs of students’ and aids in developing program goals and creating ATSS interventions. The effectiveness of the counseling program and interventions are measured by academic data and student/staff/parent/local community perceptions
  • The school counseling program is designed based on the ASCA model and adheres to the national, state and local standards designated for optimal student growth. All components of the model are used as the foundation of the school counseling program and services are delivered with ethics, confidentiality and best practice in mind.

Program Vision: All Barrett students have a unique set of qualities, abilities, and experiences to contribute to the world. Students are completed to step outside themselves and see how their actions and perceptions impact the greater global community and why problem-solving and perseverance are key components to lifelong happiness and success. We envision Barrett student’s making a difference in the world and taking with them an empathetic heart, a critical thinking mind and the belief that they can do and be whatever they desire.  Mission Statement:The mission of Barrett’s ASCA aligned school counseling program is to impact all students through data driven interventions that support the student’s academic, social-emotional and career development. The counseling department embraces the diverse student make up of Barrett and provides equal access to all counseling services by cultivating an inclusive environment of belonging. The counseling department supports Barrett in it’s mission hold students’ to high academic standards while also nurturing their interests and abilities by providing classroom lessons, small groups and individual counseling that develop a growth mindset.