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  • Posted by Marissa Mulholland at 11/7/2014 This week was Career Week. We learned about many people who work in our community. We had some special visitors who came to our classroom to talk about their jobs.p   An airline pilot talked to us about his job and showed us a science experiment to demonstrate how airplanes fly in the air.f   Firefighters from Station #2 came to talk to us about fire safety and when to call 911.o   A police officer talked to us about the different tools he uses to do his job and how police officers help keep our community safe. We dressed up as our favorite community helpers.s   Sammy said a construction worker was his favorite community helper because “They fix houses.”j   John’s favorite community helper is a construction worker because he loves playing with the tools.d   Daniela’s favorite community helper is a doctor because “they take care of someone when they’re hurt.”e  Edgar’s favorite community helper is a construction worker because he likes to build houses.  Comments (0)
  • Posted by Marissa Mulholland at 10/24/2014 On Friday, October 24, our school had the annual United Nations Heritage Assembly. Many students participated, including some of our own! f e  Edgar represented the country Guatemala. I  Ian represented the country Uzbekistan.  D   Daniela represented the country Ethiopia. Mrs. Mulholland contributed a personal narrative video for the assembly. You can view it here: Comments (0)
  • Posted by Marissa Mulholland at 10/17/2014 This week we read the story The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza by Philemon Sturges. We each brought in an ingredient and helped make a pizza here at school. We followed all of the steps just like the little red hen did in the story.p  First, we gathered all of the ingredients: pizza crust, pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese. We used a grater, knife, and pan to put the pizza on.  j  Everyone had a turn to spread the tomato sauce onto the pizza crust.  m   Ms. Marissa grated the mozzarella cheese and sliced the pepperoni. p Everyone took a turn putting the pepperoni slices onto the pizza. i  We were hungry while we were making the pizza, so we all sampled some pieces of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. Yum!  p We put the pizza in the oven in the cafeteria. While we waited for our pizza to bake, we read the story one last time. p   Finally our pizza was ready! We sliced it and ate it. s  It was delicious!  Comments (0)
  • Posted by Marissa Mulholland at 10/10/2014 This week we learned about fire safety. We went on a fire safety scavenger hunt around the school and found many fire related items.f     a    s    s  We found fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and smoke detectors.  We had fun playing with our firefighter dress up clothes and firetrucks!e     i    d  Our VPI teacher, Jake Ramsay, is a firefighter and brought in his gear. He talked about how firefighters are our friends and what to do if our house is on fire. He also showed us all of his fire clothes and equipment. j     f    k At the end of the day, we made a special firetruck snack!s     e Comments (0)
  • Posted by Marissa Mulholland at 9/29/2014 This week we read the book Whistle For Willie by Ezra Jack Keats.  The Classroom of Mrs. MulhollandWe found several of our vocabulary words from the story here around school! c       We found a crack in the sidewalk!                     s We saw a shadow. c        We found the corner of the sidewalk.    c We used sidewalk chalk. In one part of the story, Peter tries on his father’s hat and pretends to be his father. The Classroom of Mrs. MulhollandWe decided to pretend to be different people by choosing different hats!e       Edgar pretended to be a race car driver.   j John pretended to be a fireman. i       Ian pretended to be a fireman.  s Sammy pretended to be a construction worker.d       Daniela pretended to be a princess. m Mr. Mac pretended to be a race car driver.i       Ms. Iliana pretended to be a cat.  m Ms. Marissa pretended to be a princess.
  • Posted by Marissa Mulholland at 9/17/2014 Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year! Here are a few back to school reminders to help families stay up to date with what students are learning here at school! *Check your child’s folder everyday to review their daily sheet and look for important papers*Be sure to do some of the suggested “Activities for you and your child” from our  “Opening the world of learning” curriculum (activities letter and page are located in your child’s folder)*Review the weekly newsletters that are sent home every Monday to see what songs, poems, stories, and vocabulary words we are working on that week.*If you’re ever in the building, stop by our classroom to check out our “Readbox” to see what books we are reading each month!
    Some snapshots from the first few weeks of school!m    i    d j    k
  • Posted by Marissa Mulholland at 4/11/2014 We recently read The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin. It’s a story about a mother and daughter who grow Chinese vegetables in their garden and later use them to make a special soup. We decided to chop some vegetables and make our own special soup. Everyone helped and our soup tasted delicious!s  s  s  s s   s s s   s   s s   s Comments (0)
  • Posted by Marissa Mulholland at 4/3/2014 We celebrated Edgar’s 4th birthday on April 3. Everyone enjoyed the cake and birthday hats. Happy birthday Edgar!e    e e   e Comments (0)
  • Posted by Marissa Mulholland at 3/7/2014 We recently did a science project involving M&Ms! Since we are currently in our color unit in the OWLS curriculum (Opening the world of learning), we decided to sort the M&Ms by color to see how many of each color were in the bag. We made a prediction about which color we thought would be the highest number and which color would be the lowest number. We predicted red would be the highest number and orange would be the lowest number. Then we sorted the colors on our graphs.s   f Then we counted how many we had total of each color. We had:47 red,  117 orange, 36 yellow, 39 green, 125 blue, and 40 brown M&Ms. Our prediction was wrong; blue was the highest number and yellow was the lowest number.c  We did this same project 2 years ago and had orange as the highest number and red as the lowest number. We know each M&M bag will be different. Our favorite part of the project was eating some of the M&Ms at the end!a    e Comments (0)
  • Posted by Marissa Mulholland at 2/28/2014 In February, we learned about dental health. The nurse visited our classroom to talk about the importance of taking care of our teeth and gave us all toothbrushes to take home! We practiced how to brush on coke soaked hard boiled eggs (the coke representing the tartar on our teeth) and brushed the eggs until they were shiny white!a    o We also practiced brushing our teeth,c    d and flossing our teeth!c    f Comments (0)